Nevada Barricade and Sign Company

Guard Rails

Nevada Barricade and Sign Company provides Guardrail products and services that meet NCHRP 350 compliance for Local and State Projects.

We have cosmetically designed products to satisfy our clients custom needs.

We maintain a large fleet of equipment to meet your various requirements. Our highly experienced and trained staff will ensure your satisfaction starting from design to cost to on-time completion of your projects.

Whether your project needs require Design, New Product Install, Customization, Maintenance or Damage Replacement, our branches stock and maintain various solutions in our inventory including:

Thrie Beam
Triple corrugated guardrail where increased impact strength is required
Box Beam
Protects pedestrians from sharp edges in locations with high foot traffic
The most widely accepted, cost effective highway safety barrier
Steel I-Beam Post
Offers strength and uniformity
Steel Round Post
Steel posts offer strength and uniformity
Wood Post
Offers durability without corrosion
Wood Block
Offers durability without corrosion
Composite Products
Environmentally friendly, durable and consistent
Tangential End Treatments
give end protection with a gradually angled end
Flared End Treatments
Provide deflective protection with a gradually angled end
Cable Barrier Products
offers protection from median crossover accidents
Cable End Treatments
Iron and Wood
NCHRP 350 Compliant. Designed for aesthetics as well as safety. Blending in with landscape for a visually pleasing product.

These products are available in the following styles:

  • Core Ten
  • Plain Steel
  • Custom Powder Coating
  • Acid Wash
  • Galvanized

We also provide NCHRP 350 approved wood guardrail products.

Additional information, specs and documents can be found here:

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